Lawrence Wright Interview

I spoke with the Pulitzer prize-winning foreign correspondent about his take on the Park51 mosque, the underground tunnels in Gaza, and his fear for the future of journalism.

Anti-Bike Lane Protest Small, Full of Hot Air

An anti-bike lane protest drew a small but kvetchy crowd to the corner of 1st Ave and 14th St. "Bloomberg did these bike lanes not for environment or for people, but to get back at drivers," the protest organizer told me.

Park Slope Bike Lane Protest Pits Seniors Against Cyclists

An angry crowd gathered in Park Slope to protest the Prospect Park West bike lane. "I served in the army in Europe!" shouted bike lane foe Tony Srour. "They all ride their bikes the right way. They're very cautious over there. Here, I have to look both ways! Even with the walk sign!" (With photos)

Al Jaffee Interview

The famed Mad Magazine cartoonist talked to me about being nonconfrontational, not paying attention to the Kardashians, and having his birthday celebrated on the Colbert Report.

John Waters Interview

The inimitable auteur talked to me about the strange characters in his brilliantly funny new memoir.

Spike Lee Interview

In which Spike Lee tells me to Google him.

Theater Review: Trust

When the lights go up on a stage bedecked with various S&M-dungeon fixtures, one assumes impending comedy. When a fidgeting, tie-wearing Zach Braff is the one in the dungeon, imminent Freud-garnished psychological prodding becomes an equally safe assumption.