Panel Approves Proposal That Would Force N.C. Landowners To Allow Fracking

A panel of North Carolina state officials approved a "forced pooling" proposal that would unearth a 1940s-era law to require landowners to sell energy companies the rights to natural gas under their properties.

Erick Erickson: Female Breadwinners Are Antithetical To Nature (VIDEO)

After Pew released a report that found mothers to be the primary or sole breadwinners in 40% of American households with children, several Fox contributors, all men, expressed their dismay at the findings. And the follow up: Fox's Kelly Rips Erickson: "What Makes You Dominant And Me Submissive?" (VIDEO)

PPP: More Approve Of Moral Monday Protesters Than North Carolina's Legislature

North Carolina voters had a higher opinion of the Moral Monday protesters swamping the capitol in recent months than they did of the legislature that occupies it, according to a PPP poll.

Texas Lawmaker: Anti-Abortion Men Were Taught "How To Potty" By Women (VIDEO)

Texas state Rep. Senfronia Thompson (D) took to the state House floor with some sharp words for the men in the legislature who were trying to push through a bill to limit abortions.

Hundreds Testify Against Texas Anti-Abortion Bill, Stalling Vote

More than 300 women showed up to the Texas legislature to testify against a bill abortion-rights advocates said would eliminate all but five abortion facilities in the state.

Water-Regulation-As-Federalism Bill Passes House, Looks A Lot Like ALEC

A bill to strip the power of the EPA to regulate water toxins passed in the House. I looked at several pieces of "model legislation" recently leaked from The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) that looked just like it.

The Unbelievable Career of John Boehner's Congressional Predecessor

Ever wanted to know who to thank for House Speaker John Boehner's congressional career? The late Ohio Republican Rep. Donald "Buz" Lukens was your man.

US Company Spills Oil in Chinese Waters, State Disclosure Scrutinized

Some accuse the Chinese government of having a too-cozy relationship with the oil industry.

Spill Victims: BP Fund an "Abject Failure" in need of oversight

Spill victims suing BP in the Deepwater Horizon case filed a joint brief claiming the oil company was implementing a deeply flawed and deliberately confusing claims process.

Bush Administration, Not Science, Prevented Regulation of Toxin in Drinking Water

A report finds the EPA's controversial 2008 decision not to regulate a drinking water contaminant long connected to impaired brain development had more to do with the interests of the Bush administration than with scientific findings regarding its safety.

Oil company who profited in the Deewater Horizon spill tries to get out of paying royalties

Remember the BP "top hat"? The oil it salvaged translated to $47.3 million in proceeds for three oil companies, and a court fight emerged about how to regulate that unprecedented type of profit.

Rig survivors can't have claims heard until they go to the doctor, says Transocean

Faced with mounting personal injury claims, Transocean Offshore Deepwater Drilling Inc. pushed hard for survivors of the Deepwater Horizon disaster to submit to physical and mental exams before their cases can be heard in court.

Senate hearing moves U.S. nuclear towards reform, airs NRC concern for industry

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) was not as fundamentally split as it previously appeared on the issue of post-Fukushima U.S. nuclear regulation, a Senate hearing showed.

DOJ lawyer disbarred in connection to Abramoff scandal

Robert E. Coughlin II was the former Deputy Chief of Staff of the Criminal Division at the DOJ, the division which oversaw the probe into the Abramoff lobbying bribery case.

Chemicals newly disclosed as risky are in what we eat . . . but what?

The Environmental Protection Agency declassified the identities of 150 chemicals that appeared in toxicity reports, some as long as 30 years ago